Til Death

12 Miles Of Bad Road (pilot)

Frasier (Theme & Format/EMMY Nomination-1994)

Becker (Theme & Multiples)

Wings (Theme & Multiiples)

Out Of Practice (Theme & Multiples)

Almost Perfect (Theme & Multiples)

Something So Right (Theme & Multiples)

Kids Say The Darndest Things (Theme & Format)

Guinness World Records: Primetime (Theme & Format)

The John Larroquette Show (Multiples)

Designing Women (Multiples)

Hearts Afire (Main Title & Multiples)

Knots Landing (multiples)

Falcon Crest (multiples)


Cagney & Lacey (Additional Music)

Highway To Heaven (Additional Music)

Amen (Multiples)

Encore, Encore (Theme & Multiples)

Union Square (Theme & Multiples)

Bonanza: Under Attack (2 hr MOW)

Bonanza: The Return (2 hr MOW)

Mother Of The Bride (2 hr MOW)

Denver Summit Of The Eight (G-8 Summit)-1997

Motown Revue Starring Smokey Robinson (Theme & Multiples)

Louis In St Louis (Louie Anderson Special)

Nell Carter Special

Michael Landon-Memories With Love & Laughter

Motown On Showtime-Michael Jackson

Anthology-The Temptations & Four Tops

Vegas Stripped

Ski Patrol-Richard Correll-Director

The Last Dragon-Michael Schultz-Director

In Pursuit

China White-Ronny Yu-Director

The Outing-Tom Daley-Director

Sammy Davis Jr 60th Anniversary Celebration

Entertainment Tonight (Theme & Format)

Motown Returns To The Apollo


Aretha Franklin Special

Disney On Ice

Jake & The Fatman

Knots Landing (Main Title)

Falcon Crest

Cagney & Lacey

The New Mike Hammer  (Main Title)

Designing Women (Main Title)

Perry Mason-The Case Of The Silenced Singer

What’s Happening Now (Main Title)

MGM-Disney Theme Park Tour

Sister Kate (Main Title W/Amy Grant)

I'll Be Home For Christmas (TV Movie)

Combat High (TV Movie)

To Heal A Nation (TV Movie)

Married With Children

Lace II (Miniseries)

The Two Mrs Grenvilles (Miniseries-Source cues)

Soul Train (Main Titles & Format)

Tonight Show

“William J Clinton Presidential Center Retrospective”

“The Hunting Of The President”

“American Son” (General Wesley Clark-2003)

“Legacy” (Bill Clinton Retrospective-2000 DNC)

“Hillary 2000” (NY Primary)

“A Place Called America” (Bill Clinton Documentary-1996)

“The Man From Hope” (Bill Clinton Documentary-1992)

Blood Donors (aka Lame Ducks) (Main Title)


The Nude Bomb

Masters Of The Universe

Ice Pirates

The Competition

Square Dance


Sony Pictures Entertainment


Paramount Television (Grub Street Prod)

Paramount Television (Dave Hackel Prod)

Paramount Television (Grub Street Prod)

Paramount Television (Keenan/Lloyd)

Paramount Television (Levine & Isaacs)

Studios USA (Universal Television)

LMNO Productions/CBS Productions

LMNO Productions

Witt-Thomas Productions

Columbia Pictures TV (Bloodworth Thomason)

Harlin Productions (Bloodworth Thomason)

Lorimar TV

Lorimar TV

Viacom Productions


Michael Landon Productions

Carson Productions

Paramount Television

NBC Productions

NBC Productions

NBC Productions

Leonard Hill Films

US State Dept/Mozark Prod

Motown Productions


NBC/Don Mischer Productions

Ten K Enterprises

Motown Productions

Motown Productions

Party Of Three Productions

Paul Maslansky Prod/Transworld


Showcase Entertainment

Curb/Esquire Films

HIT Films

George Schlatter Productions

Paramount TV

Motown Productions

Lorimar Television


Walt Disney Pictures


Lorimar Television 

Lorimar Television


Columbia Pic TV

Columbia Pic TV


Columbia Pic TV

Walt Disney Productions

20th Century Fox TV 




Embassy Television

Lorimar Television

Lorimar Television

Don Cornelius Productions


William J Clinton Library

Mozark Productions/Regent Entertainment

Democratic National Committee

Mozark Productions (Bloodworth Thomason)

Mozark Productions (Bloodworth Thomason)

Democratic National  Committee

Democratic National  Committee

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

Universal Pictures

Cannon Films


Columbia Pictures

Island Pictures

Cannon Films

...in conjunction with the following list of credits, Bruce has received 2 EMMY nominations, 9 SESAC Most Performed Theme Awards and 16 BMI TV & Film Awards

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